Dynamic Parking Pricing

Implementation in North America


  • Patrick Huber Aalto University






Dynamic parking prices, which adjust in response to changes in demand, can be a useful tool for managing parking availability and encouraging turnover. However, there are some limitations to this approach. First, it can be difficult to implement and administer, requiring complex pricing algorithms and systems to collect and process data in real-time. Additionally, dynamic pricing may not be well-received by drivers, who may perceive it as unfair or unpredictable. Parking as it stands is a relatively ‘dumb’ system, and introducing any smartness into the system will include a number of added complications that can limit the uptake and the success of the system. This paper will look into the parking problem overall, introduce dynamic parking as a potential solution, and then delve into the example of SF Park. Finally further considerations and alternate solutions will be considered in the context of dynamic parking pricing to provide context and consider further research.


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